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Always. Only. Jesus.

Watch this Video: Carl Lentz “Religion is I show up, I talk to God, and then I leave.  It’s like something that I do. Relationship with Jesus, it’s something that you are. So religion is you come to church and you go live your life. Jesus said no I don’t want that.  I want you to walk with me. I ... Read More »

Be transformed by the renewing of your mind

Watch this Video: John Sheasby speaks at Paul White’s conference 2014. “I lived with a sense of incompleteness, as sense of undoneness, condemnation, feelings of inferiority because I could not experience what others were experiencing. And it was all a deception.  And it was because I had believed a lie – that if I’m good I will be rewarded. So ... Read More »

The Seven Shifts Coming to the Church

Watch this Video: Jonathan Welton “Right thinking leads to right living. In seminary, they used to say it this way, ‘Orthodoxy leads to Orthopraxy’.” – Jonathan Welton The Seven Shifts Coming Women in Ministry Move out of legalism into grace and freedom Affection in the family of God An optimistic view of the future Counterfeits show there’s an authentic The ... Read More »