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The Book of James

The Book of James

Watch this Video; John Crowder explains the difference between works for righteousness and works of righteousness.

“Don’t read James in addition to Paul, instead read James through the lens of Pauline Grace. More than any other New Testament writer, we have to pay attention to the Apostle Paul …

Paul wrote two-thirds of the New Testament.  Luke traveled with Paul and interned with Paul before he wrote the book of Luke.  Mark traveled with Paul and interned with Paul, before he wrote the book of Mark.  Luke traveled and interned with Luke before he wrote the book of Acts. Acts is all about the ministry of the Apostle Paul. Paul slapped down Peter at one point in front of everybody. Peter affirmed the inspiration of Paul’s letters. And men sent from James even persecuted Paul.

Maybe just maybe ol’ Paully boy was packin’ somethin’ that the kids were not.

Paul’s letters are not an addendum added on after Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John. Any theologian worth his salt in paperclips can tell you that Paul’s letters were written decades and decades before Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John.  As a matter of fact, they are giving historical evidence – the four Gospels are – of the Lord’s earthly ministry in order to back up this revelation of Grace that Paul was vehemently preaching – the revelation of the finished work of the cross.” – John Crowder

Galatians 1 

1-5 I, Paul, and my companions in faith here, send greetings to the Galatian churches. My authority for writing to you does not come from any popular vote of the people, nor does it come through the appointment of some human higher-up. It comes directly from Jesus the Messiah and God the Father, who raised him from the dead. I’m God-commissioned. So I greet you with the great words, grace and peace! We know the meaning of those words because Jesus Christ rescued us from this evil world we’re in by offering himself as a sacrifice for our sins. God’s plan is that we all experience that rescue. Glory to God forever! Oh, yes!

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