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Bertie Brits

The reality of His dream for you

Watch this Video: Bertie Brits explains the reality of what God always wanted and planned for you “When there’s something good in your life, say, “Oh, I’m seeing Christ living in me. Isn’t’ that awesome.” See if I sit here today and there’s a passion in my heart to share this message, I don’t just say you know ‘Bertie Brits is ... Read More »

What Makes God Holy?

Watch this Video: Bertie Brits explains Holiness “You know God was willing to let go of heaven to dwell in you, for you are a better place than Heaven for God.  We all want to go to Heaven, but we are God’s Heaven … … Jesus became a human being and we saw the Glory of God, full of Grace ... Read More »

How God Helps You To Have Faith

Watch this Video: Bertie Brits explains that our fight is in maintaining belief in the simple truth of the Gospel. “To fight the good fight of faith is to keep on believing the simplicity of the Gospel.  That’s the good fight. It’s not a bad fight.  It’s a good fight.  There are things in the world that want to take ... Read More »