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Dan Mohler

The Power of Knowing Your Identity

Watch this Video: Dan Mohler illuminates the difference between the Truth and facts.  The ability to walk in Truth comes from knowing your identity in the spirit.  From that place you can stand in Truth, no matter what the facts are. “Would He (Jesus) talk to them this way if it wasn’t possible for them to do what He’s about ... Read More »

Becoming Love

Watch this Video: Dan Mohler illustrates possessing and sharing God’s love. “The gospel is about revealing man’s value, it’s not about revealing man’s sin.  The cross removes man’s sin, it doesn’t expose man’s sin. It removes man’s sin to expose his value and his created purpose.  The cross brings destiny back into the picture.  You can write legacy again. I ... Read More »

Be Built Up in the Truth

Watch this Video: Dan Mohler Emphasizes the Truth of “Christ in You, the Hope of Glory.” “Now we [the church] say, “now brother you need to be set free from that [fear].  It’s that little boy hiding in there, scared to death. We gotta take that little boy to Jesus and get that place restored” … You’re Wrong! It’s a ... Read More »