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Dan Mohler

Get rid of Sin Consciousness

Watch this Video: Dan Mohler explains that after we confess our need for a savior because of our sin nature, we must get rid of sin consciousness so that we can move on into the fullness of our relationship with God in Christ. “You read Romans 6, 7, and 8 in concession and you’ll get an amazing clear understanding of what I’m saying ... Read More »

The Gospel, Straight up, No additives

Watch this Video: Dan Mohler illustrates transformation and promotion through God’s presence. “Good tidings of great joy.  If there’s a lack of great joy, it’s cause we’re not discerning the good tidings.  The good tidings are automatic great joy! You’re not trying to be happy, trying to have a good day. Good tidings bring the great joy.  The great joy ... Read More »

Twisted Perspectives

Video 1 of 8 Watch series of Videos:  Dan Mohler speaks about living on this side of the cross, faith, belief, Love and Holy Spirit power.  If you feel like your stuck, waiting on God, in need of breakthrough, and desire more of God;  take in this series, you’re likely to be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Video ... Read More »