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It’s Time For Your Breakthrough

Listen to this Audio: Graham Cooke “In your ordinary life, that’s where you start to learn sovereignty. When you can turn a negative into a positive. When you can look at a problem and get really happy because you know that every problem comes with a provision attached to it. Every problem comes with a promise. Your understanding of what ... Read More »

Prophetic Soaking – Arise Up Oh Warrior

Watch this Video: This is a portion from, “Arise Up Oh Warrior,” a prophetic soaking CD by Graham Cooke “Be immersed in the Word and the Spirit.  Let it flow into you, allow it to fill you.  Let your heart go towards the Lord.  Rejoice, be filled, be excited.  Allow all the tensions of what your are NOT, to disappear, ... Read More »


Video: A powerful word spoken by Graham Cooke and music by Jonathan David Helser “The Lord says there is nothing you can do that would make Him love you more.  There is also nothing you can do to make Him love you less.  He loves you … Because He loves you, Because He loves you, Because He loves you, Because ... Read More »