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Graham Cooke

God sounds like…

Watch this Video: Graham Cooke assists us in hearing the voice of God.   “God doesn’t do guilt.  God doesn’t do condemnation.  He’ll tell you the truth in a way that sets you free … And the voice that edifies you, the builds you up, stirs you up, and cheers you up, That is sooo going to be the voice ... Read More »

Brilliant Leadership

Watch This Video: Graham Cooke talks about developing your leadership style. Here are video clips from Graham Cooke’s 3-disc CD set Brilliant Leadership, an inspiring collection of messages meant to help people lead others in the most BRILLIANT way possible! This CD set is exclusively available at www.BrilliantBookHouse.com. You know, when we stand before the Lord for our judgement, He’s ... Read More »


Listen to this Message: Graham Cooke explains that God doesn’t measure time, he measures growth. “If you’ve got a really high calling upon your life, you have to go down low, it’s just part of the deal.  And the depths that you allow God to take you, will tell you how far God can bring you up, into a place ... Read More »