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How We Become Believers

Watch this Video: Tim Keller explains why we seek God, how we find Him, and why we can seek and find Him. Watch Part 2 >> “No matter how well you believe you can create a designer life, there will always be something that will come in and ruin it. Always … No amount of success, no amount of power, no ... Read More »

The Wounded Spirit

Listen to this Audio: Tim Keller explores the priority of the inner life, the complexity of the inner life, the solitude of the inner life, and how to heal the crushed spirit. “The Bible teaches an extremely nuanced vision of the human spirit. We are physical beings whose spirits can be brought low by physical ailments. We are relational beings ... Read More »

Jesus Paid for Our Healing

Watch this Video: Barry Bennett illuminates the word and God’s will for your health and healing. “Your sin isn’t the problem.  Your sin might be a problem … it’s hard to balance this at the same time.  Your faith can overcome your sin. Your problem with sin, is that it kills your faith. But if your faith is greater than your ... Read More »