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John Crowder

True Evangelism

Watch this Video:  John Crowder explains evangelism through the paradigm of the finished work of Christ. “We have to discern what our calling is. We all have various callings … Our deepest desires, often times resonate with our very calling – the thing that we desire to do deep inside is probably connected to your calling, if you’re trying to ... Read More »

Penal Substitution – Not

Watch this Video:  John Crowder exposes the wrong thinking of penal substitution. ” … [at the cross] Jesus was stepping into our blindness, to the goodness of God. See, if you think that at the cross, the Trinity was imploding on itself, that the Father was turning away, rejecting the Son – if the Father were to turn His back ... Read More »

Cruciform God

Watch this Video: John Crowder “What else could a good God do, but to step in, to rescue His creation.” – Athanasius “He had always planned from eternity, that He would fully identify Himself with the human race. That is His nature because He is love. How does this apply to us? Well instead of being super spiritual and always ... Read More »