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John Crowder


Watch this Video: John Crowder explores how – in the midst of a narcissistic, insecure society – believers can live a life of liberation as we recognize our acceptance, affirmation and identity in Christ. “Unfortunately church leaders and religionists are no different from our fear-based culture. Attempting to prove themselves and stooping to jealousy and competition. But in empathizing with others ... Read More »


Watch this Video: John Crowder explains how the truth is the truth whether or not we believe it. “So often when folks begin to hear the truth of their union with God and begin to catch the revelation of the finished work of the cross, they subconciously strive to “apply” the truth as if to “make it happen” and cause ... Read More »

Why Christology?

Watch this Video: John Crowder explains how Christology is absolutely paramount for getting our eyes off ourselves and our own works and avoiding these two ditches (legalism or gnosticism) of religious thinking. “Recently a large ministry denounced a particular speaker who has been verging into strange doctrine and bizarre imaginative beliefs. It’s caused a bit of a shockwave. It is ... Read More »