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Misogynist God?

Watch this Video: John Crowder continues his discussion on the inspiration of the Old Testament and it’s role to be rightly divided in light of Jesus Christ who is the Word of God. Tackling another one of the most difficult Old Testament passages, John delves into a difficult text in Deuteronomy that seems to command a rape victim to marry her ... Read More »

The Humor of Christ

Watch this Video: John Crowder Recovering Comedy in Christianity “You know when you become a Christian, one of the first things to go is the sense of humor. Last time I checked, joy is a fruit of the spirit, depression is not … Humor is found throughout the words of Christ, the apostle Paul and other Biblical figures. Humor has a ... Read More »

Thorn in the Flesh

Watch this Video: John Crowder explains that we are in fact free from the curse.He explains that Paul was referring of the resistance and persecution he faced from his opponents for preaching the good news. “Expecting Sin, Sadness & Sickness? The apostle Paul says the Lord gave him a “thorn in the flesh.” Not many statements in the New Testament have elicited ... Read More »