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John Crowder

A Word for 2015

Watch this Video: John Crowder Casting Vision for the Coming Year “We live in a continual Year of Favor thanks to the Gospel – and not tossed about by the whimsical annual words of the prophetic camp. Nevertheless, God does reveal fresh things to us in seasons. This week, John Crowder casts some vision for the coming year and shares the ... Read More »


Watch this Video: John Crowder and Salvation summed up in Christology “Jesus assumed our humanity and baptized the material order. In His very being He stands as the intersection between the physical and unseen realm – between time and eternity. Salvation is not something He merely accomplished – but what He is in His very “being.” So often teachers have attempted ... Read More »

The Trinity

Watch this Video: John Crowder discusses Distant Solitary God vs. Relational Family God “Much of the church pays little focus to the fact that God is Trinitarian … What is the importance of this reality? So many view God as a distant, solitary monad deity in the sky who has little in common with us – a God who doesn’t mind ... Read More »