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What Happened At The Cross

Watch this Video: Joseph Prince shows a Calvary Animation Video that illustrates the vision he saw in the spirit. “Travel back in time and catch a glimpse of what really happened at the cross in this breathtaking animated video. Witness how Jesus bore your sins, condemnation, curses, sicknesses and even death at the cross so that you may experience divine protection ... Read More »

Grace and Truth

Watch this Video: Joseph Prince explains how believers fall from Grace. “If God wants to have all the Glory, let Him do all the work! … When we lean entirely on God’s grace, Christ performs mightily in our lives! But when we try to deserve God’s favor through our own performance, we fall from His grace.” – Joseph Prince Joseph Prince ... Read More »

The Year of Greater Glory

Watch this Video: Joseph Prince had a vision from God that this year is the year of greater Glory. “This is what I see for the year 2014 folks, I see the world getting very dark … but the Lord will arise over you and His Glory will be seen – will be seen – upon you. His Glory will ... Read More »