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Are you Willing to Trust (& Forgive) God?

Watch this Video: Todd White asks, “Are you willing to trust God?  Are you willing to dream again?  Are you willing to change the world? “When we find out who we are in Christ, the only thing limiting us is ourselves.” – Todd White — Will You Forgive God? The following is an intro to an article from R. T. KENDALL, ... Read More »

Be Jesus

Watch this Video: Todd White talks about manifesting Christ everywhere you go. Let people see Jesus! “… I sat in my car and balled my eyes out. And I said you know what? That’s what it is all about.  That people see Jesus in you.” – Todd White 1 John 4:8 8 Whoever does not love does not know God, because God ... Read More »

Kingdom Realities

Watch this Video: Todd White “I’m so free from me, that I’m free from you.  That means that I don’t need you to love me back when I first say it to you.  God didn’t say, “I love you, and boy they better love me back, because I’ll feel really insecure if they don’t … but we’ve been trained and cultivated all ... Read More »