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Die Already

Die Already

Watch this Video: Todd White explains that we’ve been saved from sin.

“Once you know who you are, you never minister out of what you do, you minister out of who you are.  When I pray for people, I don’t pray for people cause it’s ‘what I do‘.  I pray for people cause it’s, who I am!

Because I’m to be like Jesus, I’m not supposed to be like anybody else.  I’m supposed to be, just like Him; ‘What’d Jesus do? – He prayed for people.  What else did He do? – He fellowshiped with God. What else did He do? – He was a walking truth machine.

So guess what I’m supposed to be like?  I’m supposed to pray for people.  I’m supposed to be a walking truth machine.  I’m supposed to destroy lies with truth, regardless.  And I’m supposed to spend time with my Papa.

Man that’s easy! Why do we complicate this thing?” – Todd White