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It’s Time For Your Breakthrough

It’s Time For Your Breakthrough

Listen to this Audio: Graham Cooke

“In your ordinary life, that’s where you start to learn sovereignty.

When you can turn a negative into a positive. When you can look at a problem and get really happy because you know that every problem comes with a provision attached to it. Every problem comes with a promise.

Your understanding of what the law of the Lord Christ Jesus is all about – that says that no negative comes unaccompanied. It has to come with a positive. And you’re a people who, you don’t dwell on the negative.  Once you see the positive, you understand that the negative is a signpost pointing towards something brilliant that God wants to do.

So you don’t build a house next to the sign post. You start walking in the direction it’s pointing in, cause you expect to find something. You’re explorers. You’re discoverers. You have that anointing upon you …

It’s time to start exploring.

It’s time to start discovering what really is present in your life.

It’s time to stop being haunted by the past.

It’s time to stop being stymied by the present.

It’s time to stop traveling with baggage and start having some luggage.

It’s time actually to become present future.

It’s time to turn our negatives into something else instead, because you need the practice.

It’s time to start living by faith.

It’s time to start seeing something.

Why?  Because you’re seers, you’re doers, you’re believers, you’re warriors, you’re champions, you’re game changers.” – Graham Cooke