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Left Behind

Left Behind

Watch this Video: John Crowder addresses the fear ladened concept of the Left Behind books and film.

“Now everyone is all the time, trying to pin me down on my end time view. So let me tell you very clearly, very succinctly, I am an eschatelogical agnostic.  I don;t know whats going to happen, but at least I can admit it.

As soon as you start getting dogmatic on all your end time views, and you leave no room for mystery, you start edging towards being a cult very quickly.

Now, I don’t claim to have a grid for everything in the book of Revelation. But what I will say is much of it is symbolism and allegory.  You have to be really careful about attaching literal interpretations to biblical allegory.  Revelation 1 tells us that there are blessings on reading the book, but not understanding it.

Apocalyptic literature is a unique thing, in that it engages the vivid mind and imagination.  But we have to leave it in some degree of poetic tension.

All I know is that it’s not the revelation of the Anti-Christ, its the revelation of Jesus Christ.

I know that our best days are ahead.

The story ends with a big garden extravaganza where even the bad guys are invited in to drink freely of the Water of Life.

One can make a pretty impressive argument that the Kingdom is actually increasing. Even though great darkness will cover the face of the earth, the Glory of the Lord is rising on His people.” – John Crowder