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Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind

Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind

Watch this Video: Sid Roth interviews Bill Johnson about the power of the renewed mind.

“Bill Johnson operates in MAJOR miracles. He says when you “renew your mind,” it transforms your walk with God. Then what happens? It brings “Heaven down to Earth” wherever you go! The key is there’s no sickness in Heaven, no fear, no poverty! Are you ready to be transformed?” – Sid Roth

Matthew 6:10

10 Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.

“He gave us a very clear example in how He lived, and a very clear commission in what He told us to do. And it is, to bring the reality of His dominion to earth over any and every situation …

I used to live in an area where we would steel-head fish. This old timer took me out fishing, and he says if you don’t get your tackle caught on the bottom of the river now and then, you’re not fishing deep enough.  And my approach to ministry is, I have to live with risk to such a point, that sometimes its not going to work.

If I play it safe, If I, um, overly cautious, everyone around me will call me wise, but I won’t move many mountains. ” -Bill Johnson



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