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Inspiration of Scripture

Watch this Video: John Crowder with Special Guest Dr. Steve McVey Dr. Steve McVey founder of Grace Walk joins John Crowder to discuss the trending topic of the inspiration of scripture. While many are writing off scripture as merely “man’s thoughts about God,” and others are locked into a fundamentalist biblio-idolatry … What is a healthy perspective between these two extremes? ... Read More »

Is That Really In The Bible?

Watch these Videos: Series from Andrew Farley answering questions about the Good News   Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Read More »

What is Our Gospel

Watch this Video: Mike Miller talks about something we might not have understood, that Man is Creation and the bible is about the redemption of humanity. “The Bible is by no means a book about afterlife assignments. We have grown up … thinking the bible is about Heaven and Hell, how to get the credentials for one and avoid the ... Read More »