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It’s Time For Your Breakthrough

Listen to this Audio: Graham Cooke “In your ordinary life, that’s where you start to learn sovereignty. When you can turn a negative into a positive. When you can look at a problem and get really happy because you know that every problem comes with a provision attached to it. Every problem comes with a promise. Your understanding of what ... Read More »

Answers Matter

Watch this Video: Bill Johnson shares on how we should respond to unanswered prayer. Set your heart to pursue first and foremost the Kingdom. Then to co-labor with God, whether that is moving into faith, or resting as a child and waiting for Him to bring breakthrough to you. “In our attempts to comfort people in loss, we tend to create ... Read More »

Will You Trust in Christ or Yourself?

Watch this Video: David Luciano invites you to let go and let God. “Some are trusting in their performance to perform well in not looking at self but at Christ, but they are still looking at their performance to not look at self and not resting in the performance of Christ. It is amazing the wickedness that prideful man will do ... Read More »