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Prophetic Soaking – Arise Up Oh Warrior

Watch this Video: This is a portion from, “Arise Up Oh Warrior,” a prophetic soaking CD by Graham Cooke “Be immersed in the Word and the Spirit.  Let it flow into you, allow it to fill you.  Let your heart go towards the Lord.  Rejoice, be filled, be excited.  Allow all the tensions of what your are NOT, to disappear, ... Read More »

Die Already

Watch this Video: Todd White explains that we’ve been saved from sin. “Once you know who you are, you never minister out of what you do, you minister out of who you are.  When I pray for people, I don’t pray for people cause it’s ‘what I do‘.  I pray for people cause it’s, who I am! Because I’m to ... Read More »

Victorious Eschatology

Long Video Series: Victorious Eschatology, by Harold Eberle, a Futurist View versus Partial-Preterist View Victorious Eschatology – Study Guide  Book Available at Amazon.com What are the signs of Jesus’ coming? What are the signs of the end of the world? Are things getting better or worse?   Visions and Prophecies of Daniel. Book of Revelation – Chapters 1-11 Book of Revelation ... Read More »