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Watch this Video: John Crowder Shares From ISIS Country This message comes from Gadera – where Jesus exorcised the Gadarene demoniac … John Crowder discusses the topic of deliverance, while bringing a missions team to Jordan only minutes from the border of the Syrian civil war where ISIS and radical Islamic factions are at war. “Holiness is not the absence ... Read More »

Understanding The Covenant Series: Covenant Foundation – Part One

Watch this Video: Paul White illuminates the good news. “I think one of the greatest misunderstandings in the church, is covenant. And one of our greatest failures, is our failure to rightly divide the covenant. And so because we have such a mixed covenant mentality, we go about much of our Christian lives trying to shed off that which is already ... Read More »

Denied Before the Father?

Watch this Video: John Crowder discusses God’s Unconditional Faithfulness “How many a soul has been fearful of Matthew 10:33, which reads “But whoever denies Me before others, I will deny before My Father in Heaven.” The word “deny” actually means to “contradict.” If you contradict Him as being your true origin, identity and innocence – He will contradict you! Because He ... Read More »