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Acceptable To God

Watch this Video: Paul White explains the appropriation of God’s goodness is a matter of faith and is not based on things we’ve done or not done. “No one on earth qualifies to be your qualifier. You are either qualified because of the spirit – God is Spirit – He lives in you. He either qualifies you or disqualifies you. So ... Read More »

My Time Has Not Come

Watch this Video: Paul White encourages all to listen to the holy spirit, and ‘whatever He says to you, do it.’ “This is one of the most unheralded things about Jesus. It rarely gets preached. It rarely even gets talked about. In fact, it rarely even gets acknowledged. And that is this … That Jesus did not seem to have ... Read More »

The New Convenant

Watch this Video: Andrew Farley explains that it is not about rules and formulas. The law kills and the Spirit gives life. “So some of you might know my story. I was nineteen years old and I found myself on the floor of my apartment, and I was begging God for answers. I mean I was saying, “God look I’m doing ... Read More »