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Watch this Video: C. Baxter Kruger clarifies and orients our paradigm of the Good News. “Good souls many. Many good souls will one day be horrified by what they now believe of God.” – George McDonald “The Gospel is not the news that you can receive Jesus into your life. The Gospel is the news that the Father’s Son has ... Read More »

Rebuilding What Has Been Torn Down

Watch this Video: Paul White explains that Jesus so fulfilled the law, that in the eyes of God there are no restrictions on believers – you are free. “In the Greek, which is what the New Testament was written in, sin and transgression are two totally different words.  In fact the word sin, is from the Greek word hamartia, and ... Read More »

Enemies Of The Cross

Watch this Video: Paul White illustrates the silliness of us trying to add anything to Christ’s finished work. “Man I just want people to walk and live in the freedom and liberty that is theirs. If they don’t want it, they can stay where ever they are, however they’re thinking, however they’re living. I’ll not push, prod, poke, trip, jump ... Read More »