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What is the Glory?

Watch this Video: John Crowder discusses experiencing God’s tangible presence “The Glory of God is His tangible manifest presence. Historically when humanity has engaged with the presence of God, many outward reactions, miracles and unusual phenomena have always ocurred. While we do not gauge our spirituality by these events, they are indeed byproducts of experiencing His Glory. And by our effortless ... Read More »

Inspiration of Scripture

Watch this Video: John Crowder with Special Guest Dr. Steve McVey Dr. Steve McVey founder of Grace Walk joins John Crowder to discuss the trending topic of the inspiration of scripture. While many are writing off scripture as merely “man’s thoughts about God,” and others are locked into a fundamentalist biblio-idolatry … What is a healthy perspective between these two extremes? ... Read More »


Watch this Video: John Crowder Shares From ISIS Country This message comes from Gadera – where Jesus exorcised the Gadarene demoniac … John Crowder discusses the topic of deliverance, while bringing a missions team to Jordan only minutes from the border of the Syrian civil war where ISIS and radical Islamic factions are at war. “Holiness is not the absence ... Read More »