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Something to Live For

Watch These Videos: Paul White explains to settle for nothing less than 100% Free Indeed. Is it possible for a believer to never sin again? Can we be 100% free? What does it mean to be free in Christ?Pastor Paul answers these questions, teaching that we are not simply set free from sin and the law but we have been ... Read More »

From Hearing the Truth to Knowing the Truth

Watch this Video: Paul White contrasts the life of Christ and the Risen Christ. “Jesus did not die to help me live for God.  Jesus died so he could rise again and live His perfection in me … If you are doing the living and Christ is helping you, you are not dead.  But when it’s Him doing the living, ... Read More »

Walk In The Light That You Are Given

Watch this Video: Paul White encourages us to walk into great revelation with God, understanding powerful and wonderful things. “At some points in your life you’re walking in ankle deep in where you are at in understanding the Spirit’s moving in your life.  At other points it’s knee deep [and so on.]  See don’t put this way out in your future.  Put this ... Read More »