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Living In the Right Time

Watch this Video: Paul White at Grace Covenant Ministries in Truro, Nova Scotia. “I do long for someone to speak about where I’m going and where I want to be. Not just who I am in Christ but who I wish I were in Christ.” – Paul White John 2:4 4 Jesus saith unto her, Woman, what have I to do with ... Read More »

Counterfeit Gods

Watch this Video: Tim Keller illustrates where and how we might have idols we’re not aware of. “An idol will always break your heart.  Because no created thing can bear the freight of your deepest hopes, or the weight of your soul’s longings. Idols will always break your heart.” – Tim Keller “In the day to day trenches of adult ... Read More »

See like God, Think like God, Talk like God

Watch this Video: Graham Cooke “You are designed to see something that is unseeable. You are designed to think about things, in a way that the rest of the world around you would not think about them. And you are designed to talk to things and cause things to happen, cause there is – the same creative thing that’s in ... Read More »