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The Ingredients of The Kingdom

Watch this Video: Paul White unpacks the message Christ came to bring to the earth – the Kingdom. “If you see someone who has joy in the Lord, 100% of the time, that person knows that they are at peace with God.  Not 99% of the time, 100% of the time they know they are at peace with God. When ... Read More »

Appetite for the Kingdom

Watch this Video: Bill Johnson explains the duality of Taking the Kingdom by Force and Entering as a Child. “The Lord ministers to us in seasons.  (Sometimes in church families God deals with us in a corporate season and sometimes it’s individual.) Sometimes you can have a husband going through one season and the wife going through the opposite.  Sometimes ... Read More »

Crossing Over in 2011

Video: Lance Wallnau providing greater clarity regarding Your Calling and God’s plan for the Kingdom This video comes from a 2011 New Years Eve Message at Morningstar Ministries. “A lot of delays in your life are God’s timing to mature you to rule properly when the scepter is passed on … We need to mature territorially in discerning, who in ... Read More »