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The Gift of Hunger

Watch this Video: Bill Johnson explains that with God, the more we get the more we desire “When you live in an environment of blessing one of the things that’s required is to maintain a place of hunger.  To do that really requires humility. Hunger is evidence of humility. Hunger says, “I am in need. I am a needy person.” ... Read More »

How to Be a Success

Watch this Video: Andrew Wommack explains that success is loving God, and doing anything God tells you to do. “The only reason your aren’t just fanatical about God is cause you just don’t know how good He is. If people ever knew how much God loves, and if they ever knew that God’s plans for you are better than your ... Read More »

Be transformed by the renewing of your mind

Watch this Video: John Sheasby speaks at Paul White’s conference 2014. “I lived with a sense of incompleteness, as sense of undoneness, condemnation, feelings of inferiority because I could not experience what others were experiencing. And it was all a deception.  And it was because I had believed a lie – that if I’m good I will be rewarded. So ... Read More »