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Trust opens doors

We know this, but it cannot be overstated.  It is so fundamentally important and while simple, the concept has profound depth.  Be reminded and today give special attention to this foundational Truth … Doing/Being good will not get you into Heaven, you cannot earn it.  Rather, God chose you, and Jesus made The Way.

First we believe, then we trust.  And when we trust we open up ourselves to allow God to work in us and cultivate deeper relationship with Him.

In the video above, Andy Stanley explains that these items are not things you ‘do’ but more things you maintain an openness to.  Being aware of these things makes us more sensitive to the ways of God, as he seeks to build our faith.

Five things that are catalysts for the growth of your faith.

  1. Practical Teaching.
  2. Providential Relationships.
  3. Private Disciplines.
  4. Personal Ministry.
  5. Pivotal Circumstances.