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Understanding James in Light of Grace

Understanding James in Light of Grace

Check out these Videos: In the series of videos below Paul White delves into the life of and the book of James, Jesus brother.

“What I really want to do tonight is introduce the book of James. And to do that we have to do what we always do with a new book, but we have to do it almost on steroids, with James. Whereas with every book we’ll say to you who wrote it, who they wrote it to, why they wrote it, when they wrote it.

With James we have to spend special amounts of time on all of those questions. Because its that context that makes the book of James so vital, and so important in the chronological order of the books of the Bible …

The Holy Spirit was certainly the influence on the writers of scripture, but their personalities show up in the writing.  Its why I told you 5 or time 10 times through the book of Hebrews study, “I don’t think Hebrews is Paul.” …

There’s a signature sound to every writer. There’s a way that they move and they act and they think and that they approach things.  And James is gonna shock you, in how he approaches things. But once you get his context, you might understand why.” – Paul White

James: The Scattered Twelve (Introduction)


James: Count It All Joy


James: No Shadow of Turning


James: Judge Like Jesus


James: The Perfect Law of Liberty


James: The Kingdom Law


James: Justified By Works?


James: Tongue Is A Fire


James: Selfish Ambition


James: He Gives More Grace


James: Submit, Resist & Draw Near


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