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Witchcraft In The Church

Witchcraft In The Church

Watch these Videos: Paul White teaches about common misconceptions in the church.

“The new covenant is in no way based upon my performance, is in no way based upon my politics, is in no way based upon what I can or cannot-do or what do or do-not-do. It is all based upon what Jesus has done on my behalf. Because I get to enter in to the fullness of that covenant by faith.

All of the promises of God are not in Paul White’s performance. All of the promises of God are in Christ, and they are Yes and Amen.” – Paul White

2 Corinthians 1:20

20 For all the promises of God in Him are Yes, and in Him Amen, to the glory of God through us.

“You are not just a citizen of the United States [or other country]. You are a citizen of the Kingdom of God. You exist within the Kingdom of God. And I’m seeing a lot of people get very upset about what unbelievers are doing in their kingdom. Did you catch that? I’m seeing a lot of believers loosing their mind over what unbelievers are doing in their kingdom.

You say, “well yes but if affects my Kingdom.”  No it doesn’t. Not in the least, does it affect the Kingdom of God.

And the biggest thing that has been said, and what people are discussing and talking about is, “Don’t you think this is a sign of the end? God is going to have to judge America? I’m going to tell ya, A – I don’t believe it’s a sign of the end. I believe that we are in the Kingdom which is spreading and the knowledge of the Glory of the Lord is going to cover the earth the way the waters cover the sea. Maybe this is just another area where people come into the knowledge of the Glory of the Lord. B – and no I emphatically do not believe that this requires God to apologize to Jesus at Calvary because He pored all of the sins of the world into His Son and then judges those sins – but should apologize because He’s going to start to hold sins against us now – having already punished sins in the body of Jesus.

I’m sorry but I do not believe that God’s about to crank up the judgement machine because people have found ways to sin. People have always had ways to sin. God always knew what He was going to do about it. And thank God, He did.  At a place called Calvary, He took care of the issue of the day …

So whatever issue hits the news tomorrow, Jesus has already paid for it.

It is not your Kingdom. Your Kingdom can not be shaken. Your Kingdom stands the test of time. You are not of this world. You are a new creation.

Amazingly enough, the Kingdom of God is not best defined as a perfect place where there is no sin. The Kingdom of God is best defined as a place where God and Man are at One and are at rest in a finished work. ” – Paul White


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